Unbiased yet dedicated and trusted advisor to the organization

The fractional Chief Information Officer collaborates with the company’s senior leadership team and provides strategic consulting services and budget analyses regarding information technology. The fractional Chief Information Officer performs the same functions as a conventional CIO at a fraction of the cost. The fractional Chief Information Officer is an unbiased yet dedicated and trusted advisor to the organization.


Continually assess the IT departments alignment with the organization’s operational goals.


Budgeting, disaster recovery, security, change management, and review contracts.


Provide strategic planning, project management, vendor selection, and innovations in technology.

Software & Applications

Optimize all current software applications for maximum efficiency within the organization. Create a future proposal around all vendors, upgrades and future utilization for all applications.


IT security remains a very hot topic for every company. Protecting the organization from threats, breeches and hacks should be on every company’s top priority. Advising the client on how to protect the organization is one of the main roles of a vCIO.


Infrastructure is made up of hardware, software, network and typically managed services. The vCIO will have oversight of these sections and customize the approach to meet the company’s needs and future goals.